Write-On LOTO Tags

Handwritten tag out for fast and reliable application

DuraLabel Write-On Tags come in easy-to-see red and black LOTO colors and a white message panel for handwritten instructions. A pre-punched mounting hole offers rapid attachment to many tag out locations for lasting performance in indoor and outdoor environments.

Attach with pull-ties, wires or heavy string for quick and secure lockout/tag out.

Double-sided red and black striping offers clear and easy LOTO recognition from any angle. Perfed edges provide easy separation from the roll for fast installations.

DuraLabel Write-On LOTO Tags are not designed for printing, but for use as a supplementary supply for facilities requiring handwritten tags. DuraLabel offers print-ready LOTO tags for applications where printing is an option.

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Use for indoor/outdoor tag out applications on food processing conveyors, factory equipment, indoor/outdoor valves and pipe systems, levers, switches and much more.

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