Forklift Labels

Ready for application, no printing required

When there’s no time to print custom HazCom in-house, order pre-made forklift labels from DuraLabel®. Each comes printed with the right information to help communicate forklift safety and wayfinding at your facility.

Pre-made labels are constructed of a durable, yet flexible, 3.0-mil vinyl and designed for reliable use in a wide range of harsh industrial environments. Ideal for displaying at indoor and outdoor locations and on many common facility surfaces. Bright colors and sharp text provide added legibility from a distance.

Pre-made labels arrive in the mail just days after ordering. For more information regarding any DuraLabel supply or to place an order, call us today at 1-888-326-9244 or fill out our quick response form . We love to help our customers!


Use to identify related safety and hazards inside facilities and outside on utilities, walls, pipes, equipment, doors and many other similar locations.

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