Premium Vinyl Tapes

The most popular labeling supply DuraLabel offers

Premium Vinyl Tapes offer outstanding durability, flexibility and printability for a wide-variety of industrial-grade label and sign applications. Features an optimum 3.0-mil film for lasting resistance against many industrial elements, including: moisture, abrasion, UV-light and many wash-down chemicals. Sturdy vinyl film and an industrial-strength acrylic-adhesive offers maximum durability, even when applied in harsh outdoor environments. A polished face provides improved anchoring for text and graphics so printed information lasts longer.

DuraLabel Premium Vinyl Tapes come backed by DuraLabel's 5-year warranty. If a label or sign made with this supply should fail within 5 years of purchase, DuraLabel will provide a one-time replacement roll of the same supply.

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Use for indoor and outdoor labeling. Ideal for pipe marking, warehouse signage, safety signage, wayfinding, 5S labeling and many other general facility visual communication applications.

Many colors are available to meet a wide-variety of labeling applications.

Must be printed with DuraLabel Premium Ribbon to provide specified performance.

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