XpressPeel Premium Vinyl Tapes

Applying labels and signs made with Premium Vinyl Tapes has never been so simple!

Premium Vinyl Tapes are now available with a new XpressPeel liner to help make backing removal quick and easy. This XpressPeel liner literally splits between your thumbs, making it a snap to effortlessly peel-and-apply Premium Vinyl Tapes.

This supply is available in many of the same colors as the standard supply, making it a great alternative for most any labeling or sign making job.

Just like Premium Vinyl Tapes, the XpressPeel version is engineered to withstand the elements and is even more resistant to damage from stretching. When printed with DuraLabel Ribbons, these tapes are both UV and moisture resistant and stand up to abrasive environments — even contact with many chemicals.

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Use for indoor/outdoor visual communication applications. A selection of popular colors are available to help your facility comply with codes and color-coding your facility. Use for pipe marking, facility signage, safety labeling, safety signage, arc-flash labeling, 5S and general facility labeling.

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