RTK Color Bar Labels

RTK Color Bar Labels from DuraLabel Supplies helps you effectively communicate material hazards.

These popular "Right-to-Know" (RTK) labels are specially formatted for improved readability and OSHA compliance. A 3.2-mil film and durable topcoat offers lasting protection in harsh industrial environments.

A broad color bar allows for a big font so work area personnel can properly interpret "Health," "Flammability" and "Instability" hazard classifications. It also provides improved visibility at a distance, so personnel are aware of hazardous materials before Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required.

DuraLabel RTK Color Bar Labels were specially designed to help employers label, tag and mark all in-plant, hazardous material containers as specified by OSHA. Die-cut and ready to peel-and-stick, these labels are made for use with DuraLabel Printers and Ribbons.

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Use to meet hazardous material code compliance. Identification applications include: drums, drum lockers, bins, shelving, boxes, ATA transit cases, material baskets, trough belt conveyors and pesticide cabinets, doorways and many more applications.

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